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Here is an example of a possible winter trip:

Day 1. Arrival
The adventure in Swedish Lapland can begin. There are several possibilities to fly to Stockholm-Arlanda, from Stockholm there are domestic flights to Skellefteå. On arrival the world is fairytale. With the rental car it is only a half hour drive from Skelleteå airport to our accommodation for the coming week. Depending on the number of people we can also pick you up. Upon arrival at our premises you will be welcomed with a drink and a Swedish delicacy in our café.

Day 2. Husky tour
After breakfast the next morning you will leave for the husky farm! As soon as you get out of the car, you can already hear the whining of the dogs; they can not wait to run. Drawn by the enthusiastic dogs you can take in the environment. Enjoy a warm sandwich on the way in a crackling fire with a nice cup of coffee or tea. Enjoy the peace and emptiness. After the trip the dogs are fed and they can be cuddled for a while.

Day 3. Ice fishing
Patience is a virtue! The slogan of today, you go ice fishing on one of the lakes in the area. Will you succeed in actually catching a fish after drilling in the ice? Just for a moment to warm up during the ice fishing, a wood fire is made where a real Swedish dish is prepared.

Day 4. Skiing or snowboarding in Bygdsiljum
Today you tie up the skis or a snowboard. There is a beautiful ski area within a 20-minute drive from Burträsk. There are several pistes, from easy to difficult. From the top of the mountain you have a magnificent view of the snowy surroundings and the frozen lakes. Ski equipment can be rented and on appointment, ski lessons can be booked. On the slopes there are grill places and a restaurant for a Swedish lunch. When you return you can enjoy our sauna to relax.

Day 5. Relaxing in the sauna or doing something more active like a snowshoe hike?
After all the activities that have been undertaken in the past few days, it is now time for a relaxing day. Enjoy the beautiful views over the local lake or relax with a book on the couch; everything is possible! Today is the day to spend your own interpretation. Of course it is possible to take a nice walk in the area or to relax in the sauna. Of course, rolling cool in the snow is also part of that! Enjoy the silence! You can also choose to take a guided snowshoe hike on the nearby Kvarnberget..

Day 6. On an adventure with the snowmobile
This day is another active day! After a nice car trip through Swedish Lapland you will make a snowmobile trip through the beautiful nature. After breakfast you will be on your way to the starting point of the snowmobile tour. You will receive extra warm clothing on site so that you do not get cold on the snowmobile on the way. During the tour you drive over lakes and marshes and you go with the guide on elk quest. The traces in the snow are followed and the branches that they have broken and of course, the faeces are watched for these special animals. On the way you get a fika and after a strenuous day you drive back to your accommodation.

Day 7. Enter the tree
After breakfast you will depart to a nearby adventure park. Here you can literally enter the tree. Move your limits into an adventure full of adrenaline. You can enter the trees at 6 different heights with more than 50 obstacles with different difficulty levels. The lowest and easiest course is at a height of 1.5 meters from the ground and the highest, most challenging one is 12 meters high.

Day 8. End of winter trip and departure
After a wonderful week with a mix of activities and relaxation, where you may even have seen the Norrsken (Northern Lights), the time has now come to return home. You will, from Skellefteå airport, return home with many beautiful memories.

The program shown above is an example of what we can offer. We organize this for individuals as well as for groups. Because we have a small-scale accommodation, we can incorporate many of your customized requirements into the program. Feel free to contact us for more information and possibilities.