Away from the E4 motorway on the way to the Northern Cape

Burträsk Camping is located on the alternative route to drive from Umeå to Skellefteå. This avoids a part of the E4. From Umeå, drive over the Rv 364 via Burträsk to Skellefteå. This is a lot of quieter driving and the number of extra miles is negligible. On this route you will find villages of only a few houses, lakes and rivers. In addition, you have the chance to see moose on the side of the road.

Halfway through this route you arrive at Burträsk. This is a village with many amenities, such as a large supermarket, a gas station, a saluhall and, of course, the factory and visitor center of Västerbotten Ost, the world-famous cheese of Västerbotten. In the village you will find Burträsk Camping. This is a naturally situated campsite surrounded by a lake on three sides with magnificent views. The village of Burträsk is within walking distance.

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