Cafe Arresten

Café Arresten is a cozy little cafe housed in the former prison of Burträsk.

Here you can go for coffee, soft drinks, ice cream and so on.

The menu and the openinghours varies during the season.

Large Service House

The large service house is one of the two service buildings of the campsite

The large service house features 3 ladies and 3 men’s toilets and 2 ladies and 2 men showers. There is also an invalid toilet with shower and a room for the disposal of a chemical toilet. The service house has 5 washbasins.

Small Service House

The small service house is located in the middle of the campsite.

The small service house has 2 ladies and 2 men’s toilets. There are also 2 ladies and 2 men’s showers in this building. Both service buildings are cleaned several times daily.

Large Stuga

The campsite has a large stuga which is for rent for our guests.

There is a kitchen in the large cottage. In total, around 45 people can sit here to eat or play games. Near the reception is a guest kitchen.


After a long day on the water or in nature, you can enjoy our sauna.

Because the sauna is located directly on the lake, a refreshing swim after an intense sauna is at your fingertips. In winter it is even possible to cool down in the frozen lake in a hole in the ice.


Burträsk Camping has a serviceplace for campers as an extra service for our guests.

At this place the waste water can be discharged and fresh water (Kommun) can be taken. The use of the serviceplace is free of charge for guests staying with us.

Extra Facilities

Burträsk camping offers several extra facilities. Some examples of this are:

  • Boat rental and sale of fishing cards
  • Pedal boat rental
  • Kayak rental
  • 4 Jeu de boules tracks
  • Laundry
  • Mini golf course

We have also put together various cycling routes. These can be found here.

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Cafe Arresten
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